Unleashing the Potential, On and Off the Field

Welcome to Cascade Baseball Club, where we nurture young talent and cultivate personal growth on and off the ball field.  Our goal is to provide opportunities for local youth to continue to play ball at a more affordable level compared to many options.

About Us

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Cascade Baseball Club, founded in 2023 and situated in Vancouver, WA, is a new youth baseball academy dedicated to nurturing young talent. Our primary objective at Cascade Baseball Club is to provide our members with an opportunity not only compete and excel on the field, but also to foster personal growth and development off the field. 

Individual Training

At Cascade Baseball Club, we understand that every player is unique, with their own set of strengths, weaknesses, and goals. That’s why our individual training programs are designed to provide personalized attention and tailored instruction to help you elevate your skills to the next level. Our experienced coaches will work closely with you to assess your current abilities, identify areas for improvement, and create a customized training plan that aligns with your specific objectives.

Our program has signed an exclusive agreement with Stix Baseball & Softball Training Academy as one of our core sponsors for our members to receive discounted 1:1 lessons. 


Announcement/ news

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